Recharge Bot Launch & More.

It has been an amazing week for us at Payjo!

We launched India’s First Ever Messenger Bot on Tuesday to a lot of love and support. Since the launch, our Recharge Bot has served over 7000 messages.

There is a lot of talk in tech circles that chatbots will do to apps what apps did to websites. With millions of apps out there, consumers are already finding it difficult to discover, download, learn and use an app, every single time they have to carry out a simple task — even something as simple as recharging their phone.

With Bots, you no longer have to go through that hassles. Instead, it is as simple as chatting with a friend. Try it out by searching for Recharge Bot in your Facebook Messenger and just say “Hi” or click here to launch the Bot.

The technology that casts the soul of Recharge Bot is our very own proprietary algorithms that provides Recharge Bot with knowledge and Intelligence. Through app and website virtualization technology, Payjo gathers relevant information, which is then processed by our data platform to provide you with right information at the right time.

Putting these two things together, we have the coolest and most useful Bot. Because it can gather very accurate data about you, like your present balance, your due dates for bill payments, your most frequent recharge plans, Recharge Bot can tailor the interface for you so that everything is just a click or two away. It will send notifications about the pending bills and if there are too many, it will bundle it up and let you pay all at once as soon as you open it.

Bots are perfect for India, if built right, it can leapfrog apps altogether. India is expected to activate about 450 Million smartphones by the end of 2020. Which means a 3/4th of the smartphone users can be introduced to Bots directly instead of apps. India will soon be comfortable making online payments (read UPI) and when it is ready, Bots will further drive the adoption of online payments with instant value, localization, direct support and enabling even people on a 2G connections to get stuff done quicker.

With India’s first Bot on Messenger, we have working hard to empower Payjo’s Bot help you with everyday tasks. We will run, leapfrog, and even fly to make things happen as soon as we can. And we can do all this because of the world-class team with over 25 years of experience that has come together with a definite purpose in mind.

There is so much more coming soon! Till then, how about you head over to your Facebook Messenger and say hi to Recharge Bot?

We are hiring.

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