Recharge Bot: Balance Reminder For All Top Telecom Carriers In India.

With Payjo’s Recharge Bot, you can now set low balance reminders for all the top telecom carriers in India.

One can set low talktime & data balance reminders for Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, DoCoMo, Reliance and Aircel. Together, the total subscribers across all these carriers enable Payjo to reach 85% or 872 Million wireless subscribers.

Carriers like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have invested heavily to build decent mobile applications for their user base. But it is pretty much limited to carrier specific services.

Peer to peer recharges is a pretty big market in India. According to the recent study, over 75% of prepaid smartphone users using recharge apps in India, recharge 3 numbers per month. Unlike in the US, India has 8 telecom carriers in the country with the subscribers count more than 50 Million. Carriers providing targeted pricing & services for niche markets have made it highly fragmented.

In a home, it is very likely that a family uses different carriers. Unlike in the US, you are either a AT&T or Verizon family.

Targeted pricing and services have also led to wide adoption of Dual SIM phones leading to carrier fragmentation at the individual user level!

In a family, typically one takes up the responsibility to keep up with the bills. Due to extreme carrier fragmentation, it gets quite crazy to discover, download and learn a new app for each carrier. And honestly, the apps are designed poorly!

With Payjo’s Recharge Bot, all you need to do is

  1. Fire up the app that you are already familiar with “Facebook Messenger”.
  2. Look up “Recharge Bot”.
  3. Enter all the phone numbers that you care about and That’s it!


  1. Go straight to the Recharge Bot by clicking on this link: Launch Recharge Bot
  2. Enter all the phone numbers that you care about.
Setting Balance Reminders On Recharge Bot.

We take care of reminding you when the balance is low. And even make it super easy to recharge them.

Recharge Bot reminds you when the talktime balance gets below 100, 50 & 10. And for data, 250mb, 100mb & 50mb.

Payjo Recharge Bot Reminders
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